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Skills that will always be useful!

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Making friends that will last a lifetime.

will last a lifetime....


Building self confidence and having fun!


Hi, I'm Cristy Anderson and I've been sewing ...well for lots of years!  

My mom began teaching me when I was very young, and now I've been teaching for 9 1/2 years....  ​

I love it.

We have recently moved to South Carolina for my husband to be pastor of Hopewell Presbyterian Church in Rock Hill. So my teaching has now moved from Mississippi  as well! :).  

I look forward to teaching my new Rock Hill friends!


Moments I love:  Teaching ALL ages and seeing the sweet happy faces of my sewing girls/ladies when they finish a creation! I especially enjoy teaching students that may be scared and leave with a completed project and smiles!!


--Oh, I do get asked where did the name Aerybeth came from?  My sister in law Jessica came up with it!  Named after my daughter Aeryn...   Aery for Aeryn and beth from Elisabeth - Aerybeth.

So thankful God has allowed me to do something I love, TEACH!!

…and I  would be honored to help you LEARN A SKILL THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME!!!


.....Just a few reviews.....

Andrea Rives    
Cristy was so great to work with. She was so patient and gave me everything I needed to start making clothes for my kids. I eventually started making appliqué clothing for friends and family as well. I would have never had the knowledge to take that step without her guidance!

Angela Phillips    
Cristy is amazing with your children, soo patient and compassionate. She’s Very knowledgeable about all concepts of sewing. My daughter took classes with her for several years and enjoyed it so much! They make beautiful projects.

Alice Taylor    
Excellent for young kids and adults!!

Jennifer A.
Cristy is amazing!!! She is such a patient and caring teacher. She’s uniquely gifted to teach sewing to kids and adults alike! I have had three daughters take several over Cristys classes over the past 8 years. They all loved it.

Lily Lyle    
Lots of cool sewing projects

Kelli Raines    
Cristy is as patient and kind as she is skilled. My daughter and I loved our lessons with her.

Sylvie and Caitlyn Jones    
Cristy is a wonderful teacher. My daughter and I both took separate lessons from her. She was patient and kind with both of us and the lessons were done so that an 8y/o and a 40+y/o could understand. We now both have confidence with our sewing abilities so much so, that I joined a ladies sewing group this year. And Caitlyn has no fear to make what she wants. I highly recommend Cristy!

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